Bladder Cancer

An Overview of Bladder Cancer

Properly speaking, cancer is a broad class of diseases concerned with the abnormal growth and proliferation of cells. As this abnormal cellular growth progresses, tumors may form in different parts of the body; the location of nature of these tumors determines how the cancer is described. Bladder cancer, for instance, begins when cells found in the urinary bladder begin to multiply uncontrollably. The resulting tumor may spread to other parts of the body. Patients in Palmer seeking bladder cancer treatment often turn to specialty providers.

Bladder Anatomy

The bladder is located within the pelvis. This hollow organ is comprised of flexible walls made of muscle; the walls expand as urine collects before being expelled through the urethra. The urine flows into the bladder through thin hollow tubes from the kidneys; these tubes are called ureters. Urination occurs when the walls of the bladder contract and urine is forced into the urethra.

The bladder is an essential part of healthy body function and plays a key role in the elimination of waste products from the body.

Talking to Your Doctor

Blood in the urine is often one of the first concerns that bring people to a doctor, though other urinary symptoms may be present. There is currently no standard screening for bladder cancer in people of average risk. Anyone with higher-than-average risk should speak with a doctor promptly upon discovering any symptoms. Risk factors include:

  • Having a history of bladder cancer
  • Being exposed to certain chemicals in the workplace
  • Having certain bladder-related birth defects

Speaking with your doctor about your concerns is often the first step towards diagnosing this disease. Tests and other diagnostic procedures can be conducted in order to determine the cause of urinary symptoms and provide information that will guide treatment.

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