Detection and Treatment

Detecting and Treating Brain Cancer

There are a variety of signs and symptoms that point to the brain and spinal cancers, but they do tend to change over time, especially in response to events like seizures. It is also important to understand that most patients will not experience all of the symptoms and that in some cases, they may be asymptomatic for a long time after the tumor develops. For that reason, it is a good idea to make sure you consult with a doctor if you notice any of the common signs of brain and spinal cord cancers.

Common Symptoms

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Blurred vision
  • Balance problems
  • Personality changes or behavioral changes
  • Seizures
  • Drowsiness

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosing and treating brain cancers often involves an entire team of medical professionals working together, because the brain is one of the least understood and most complex organs in the body. These doctors typically include a neurologist who specializes in the brain, a radiation oncologist, a regular oncologist, and an endocrinologist who can monitor the body’s hormonal processes during different phases of treatment.

Treatment options vary quite a bit from case to case, but they include radiation and surgical interventions, as well as chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and the use of other drugs. Sometimes, for residents of Palmer, brain cancer treatment plans become more comprehensive, and that is to include care for the side-effects of the treatment and for other symptoms related less directly to the tumor itself.

Pursuing Treatment

Once you have a diagnosis of brain cancer, it is important to move into a treatment plan quickly and to work with a team of doctors who understand your diagnosis and all of the particular tricks and issues that might come with treating your kind of brain cancer. When that happens, it is integral that you reach out to our Palmer cancer center right away.

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