Frequently Asked Questions About Brain Cancer

There are a few questions about brain cancer that our Palmer cancer center gets on a regular basis, and that I why we have put together this list of our best answers to our most common questions.

There are not enough known causes for brain cancer for scientists to reliably say why it is that some people are susceptible and not others, but there are a variety of conditions that can increase someone’s likelihood of developing brain cancer, and they include:

  • Family history
  • A history of certain neurological problems, like neurofibromatosis
  • Exposure to radiation or other chemicals

At our center in Palmer, brain cancer treatment often includes support for patients who have seizures because a fair number of them do develop this symptom. It is far from universal, though, and if you have never had a seizure, the chances of having one are small.

These two scans use different imaging techniques to view the brain, which can lead to their providing different perspectives on possible tumor growths to doctors. That is why they are often used together. A CT scan uses X-ray machines hooked up to a computer to produce an image of the area. An MRI, on the other hand, uses magnetism and radio waves to produce the image, with the help of a computer processing. Of the two, CT scans are used more often, but it is not uncommon for both scans to be used. Especially when confirming a diagnosis or seeking a second opinion.

Generally speaking, tumors are not automatically cancerous. That does not mean brain tumors can be harmless, however. Even when tumors are benign, the limited space in the skull can cause a growing tumor to put pressure on the brain, causing potentially serious side effects. If you have been diagnosed with a brain tumor and you are seeking treatment, contact us today.

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