Types and Stages

Brain Cancer Types & Stages

When it comes to brain cancer, the progression of the tumor is expressed in “grades.” This is a little different from most other forms of cancer, which have a “stage” system, but it does roughly correspond. These different grades are determined by the tumor’s size and progression, and they are unique to brain cancers. When you are seeking Palmer brain cancer treatment, it is important to understand where your diagnosis falls on the spectrum and what options are open to you.

List of Tumor Grades

  • Grade I: These tumors have the slowest rate of growth and are the ones that are most associated with long-term survival. Often, they are completely treatable with surgery, and they almost look normal when placed under a microscope.
  • Grade II: These are a bit more abnormal-looking under the microscope, and they also tend to be a little faster-growing than Grade I tumors. They also have a tendency to invade surrounding tissue and may reoccur as a higher grade tumor.
  • Grade III: These tumors are malignant by definition, but there might not be a lot of other detectable differences between Grade II and Grade III tumors besides the fact that Grade III tumors are actively producing abnormal cells at a regular rate.
  • Grade IV: These are the most malignant tumors, and they reproduce rapidly. They also easily grow into normal brain tissue, and they also tend to look bizarre when viewed under a microscope.

Understanding Tumor Grades

When a tumor is diagnosed at a certain grade, it does not necessarily mean that all the cells in the tumor are at that grade. Instead, it means that the primary presentation of the tumor is that grade. Cells at other grade levels may exist within the tumor, and it is possible for the grade of the tumor to change over time. The earlier these tumors are caught, the more successful treatment options end to be. For more information about brain tumors or to schedule a consultation with our Palmer cancer center, contact us.

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