Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer Overview

Skin cancer is one of the more common types of cancer, but luckily it is also one of the most treatable. Most of the time, skin cancers are slow-growing, low-grade tumors. If caught before the cancer moves into other organs, it is typically possible to leave a patient cancer-free after a surgical intervention.

If you are dealing with a recent diagnosis, prompt treatment is essential, and that’s why your Palmer cancer center has put together a skin cancer team. Palmer skin cancer treatment is built around an understanding of the unique qualities of skin cancer, and it is customized to the type of cancer you have been diagnosed with.

Cancer Types

The majority of all skin cancers do not typically move out into other tissue, but melanomas are known to metastasize readily in their later stages. Other types of skin cancer that might behave atypically make up less than one percent of all diagnoses.


In the early stages, it may be possible to fully remove the cancer with a surgical procedure. If the tumor is large or it has shown signs of spreading, radiation or chemotherapy may also be used to shrink the tumor before surgery or to ensure it is fully gone after.

Skin Cancer Risks

The following factors increase one’s risk for skin cancer.

  • Exposure to UV radiation through direct sun exposure or sources like tanning beds
  • Light colored hair, blue eyes, or fair skin
  • Chronically suppressed immune system due to other illness
  • Exposure to ionizing radiation or certain carcinogenic compounds
  • Viral wart infections

Unlike many forms of cancer, skin cancer’s causes are well-understood, and reducing the risk factors in your life is one way of effectively managing the chances of developing tumors. Since some factors are environmental, it’s not totally possible to eliminate risks, and that is why you need your local Palmer cancer center.

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Palmer Skin Cancer Treatment

If you are facing a skin cancer diagnosis, your Palmer cancer center is here for you. From information and educational materials to diagnosis confirmation, treatment, and aftercare, our skin cancer team understands what patients need to be healthy. Prompt treatment is the key to the best outcomes, so contact us today if you need information about referrals or appointments. Our staff is waiting to help you.