Detection and Treatment

Skin Cancer Detection & Treatment Options

Anyone can get skin cancer, but it’s also easy for anyone to do a self-examination. While the self-examination can’t tell you for sure if a spot you find is a tumor, it can tell you when you need to go in and talk to a doctor about what you found. Follow these steps to perform your self-checkup.

  • Examine your entire body front and back in a mirror
  • Look at your left and right sides with your arms lifted
  • Next, check your arms. Check both the tops and bottoms
  • Do the same with your legs, all the way around
  • Look at the soles of your feet, between your toes, and at your hands

Treatment Options for Skin Cancer

Squamous cell carcinomas almost always cause disfiguring damage if they are allowed to develop long enough to penetrate deeply into the tissue. If they are caught early, though, surgical removal is generally simple and leaves no sign of the cancer afterward. While rare, these cancers can occasionally metastasize, so they should be seen to immediately whenever they are found.

Melanomas are often removed through a similar surgical procedure, but it is more common for them to be supported by chemotherapy and radiation afterward due to their increased chance of metastasizing.

Depending on the size of the tumor and the level of involvement with other tissues, there are a few ways to remove tumors:

  • Mohs surgery, which uses local anesthesia and removes the cancerous tissue with a small layer of other tissue around it
  • The physician may also destroy tumors with auto-cauterization or through freezing it with liquid nitrogen
  •    X-rays are also used to destroy the tumor through the use of carefully applied radiation, and this treatment can be used without the need for cutting or anesthesia.

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Palmer Skin Cancer Treatment

If you are facing a skin cancer diagnosis, your Palmer cancer center is here for you. From information and educational materials to diagnosis confirmation, treatment, and aftercare, our skin cancer team understands what patients need to be healthy. Prompt treatment is the key to the best outcomes, so contact us today if you need information about referrals or appointments. Our staff is waiting to help you.