Types and Stages

Skin Cancer Types & Stages

There are many types of skin cancers, but only a few are relatively common, and of those, only one is likely to invade nearby tissue. This makes most skin cancer relatively slow to develop, but other risk factors still make it a priority to treat. Read on to learn more about the types of skin cancer.

Basal & Squamous Cell Cancers

These two types of skin cancer rarely invade nearby tissue, and they account for the overwhelming majority of all skin cancer diagnoses. They tend to grow slowly, and they can be recognized by their reddish, scar-like or sore-like condition. They can put pressure on organs or displace nearby tissue, though, so they should still be caught and treated early.


Melanomas make up a minority of all skin cancer diagnoses, but they are still fairly common compared to other, more irregular types of cancer. Melanomas appear brownish, like irregular moles, and they tend to grow more quickly than basal & squamous cell tumors. They are known to metastasize to other tissue as well, so it is vital that melanomas be treated early.

Other Types of Skin Cancer

Apart from the three types discussed above, the remaining types of skin cancer altogether only make up one percent of all diagnoses.

  • Merkel cell carcinoma
  • Kaposi‚Äôs sarcoma
  • Cutaneous lymphoma
  • Skin adnexal tumors
  • Various other types of sarcomas

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